Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HIGH NOON (1952)

High Noon (1952) Western. Directer Fred Zinnemann. Cast: Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. The screenplay was written by Carl Foreman, based on John W. Cunningham's "The Tin Star."

There are several movie reviews written about High Noon, so.. I will just share why I like the film. For me High Noon, Is a "existential Western", a story about duty and courage.. I love the scenes where the clocks hands are all approaching noon. High Noon shows events as they happen, from 10.35 am until the showdown at noon. All the action happens in the last 10 minutes. The film's drama comes from Kane’s strong character. Another wonderful scene is just before the gunfight, when we see Will standing alone on the street, the entire town has deserted him. or... have they?  I love the ending.

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