Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gun Fury(1953)- Filmed in Sedona, AZ.

Gun Fury (1953). Director: Raoul Walsh. Cast: Rock Hudson and Donna Reed. The film is based on the novel Ten Against Caesar by Kathleen B. George and Robert A. Granger.

Georgian Jennifer Ballard is on a stage headed for California, to met her fiance, rancher Ben Warren, but, first the stage has to cross Arizona. Unknown to her, a fellow passenger traveling under the name of Hamilton is really outlaw Frank Slayton and his partner, Jess Burgess. With an Army escort to protect the payroll box, the stage stops at a small town overnight to wait for replacements. Ben shows up to surprise Jennifer, he has ridden out to make the rest of the trip with her. Slayton, attracted to Jennifer, is not happy by Ben's arrival, invites them to dine with him.
The dinner conversation turns to the war, Ben, also a former Confederate, says the experience left him wanting the more peaceful life. Later, as Jess dances with Jennifer he advises her that she and Ben should take another stage to Tucson. Determined to get to California and marry as soon as possible, the couple stick with their original plans. The next day, the stage starts off with the Army escort, who have secretly been replaced by the Slayton's gang. After a short time, the gang stops the stage and kills the driver. Slayton revels his true identity, and when Ben tries to stand up to the gang, one of the other men shoots him. Leaving Ben for dead, Slayton and the gang take the payroll box and Jennifer to their hideout. Unknown to the gang, Ben follows, and although none of the townspeople he comes across are willing to help, he recruits three others who want revenge on Slayton.

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