Friday, February 5, 2010


Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957). Cast: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Rhonda Fleming. Director: John Sturges. The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards. One in Sound and one for Editing.

Ed Bailey and his two men ride into Fort Griffin, looking for Doc Holliday to take revenge on him for the death of Bailey's brother. Meanwhile, Wyatt Earp arrives in Fort Griffin, and hears that the town's marshal, released Ike Clanton and Johnny Ringo from jail three days earlier, even though they had outstanding warrants. Looking for information on Clanton and Ringo, Wyatt questions Holliday, who refuses to help him, because he carries grudge against Morgan, who threw him out of Deadwood. Later, Holliday confronts Bailey and challenges him to a gunfight, but when Bailey tries to shoot him in the back , Holliday throws his knife and kills him. Holliday is arrested for murder, but is helped by Wyatt and Kate, to escape the angry lynch mob. Back in Dodge City, Kansas, Wyatt is told by Charles Bassett, that Holliday and Kate are in town. Wyatt tells him to leave, but when Holliday tells him that he is broke, he allows him to stay, if he promises to stay out of trouble. Soon Wyatt, meets the beautiful Laura, a gambler, he tells her that female gamblers are not allowed in the city limits. Laura, does not listen and is arrested for disturbing the peace. Holliday and Bassett, talk Wyatt into letting her go on the condition that she stays in the saloons' side rooms. Soon, a feud with Clantons develops, and a showdown can not be avoided.

Most of this film was shot at "Old Tucson" studio, not to far from the real Tombstone. It's "town street" set was Fort Griffin, Texas, in the opening scenes, while the Tombstone street scenes were shot in southern California, on the Paramount Ranch set.

Dennis Hopper, who plays Billy Clanton, was actually born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas.

The actual gunfight took place on 26 October 1881 and lasted a mere 30 seconds, resulting in three dead men after an exchange of 34 bullets. Compared to this version of the movie. Gunfight took 4 days to film and produced an on-screen gun fight that lasted 5 minutes.

Second of seven films that Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster made together.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn , Don't forget the "Theme song "sung by Frankie Laine. A Fun Fact The Paramount Ranch is in Agura CAS and wasthe site of the So Cal Ren Faire for many many years,. I know that site well.

Dawn said...

Paul, Thank you for the fun facts.