Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heavens Gate -Director 's Ego Runs Wild

TCM is Running Heavens Gate the Film that in one bold stroke of directors ego wiped out UA in the early 80's
Michael Cimino was hot coming of the big Oscar win for The Dear Hunter , and this was his next project. What happened next and all the fall out is to much for me to go into in a small post, books have been written that go into detail.

Dawn said I recommend this film, I do only as a example of what a director with only one good film under his belt, and a huge ego and budget can do. It's a mess . The Music score by David Mansfiled , and the production design and sets are the best thing about the film
Looks like TCM is running the long (217 Mins) version on March 3. from 9:15 to 1am Pacific. It's been a while since I've seen the long version, I might have another look.


Paul 2 said...

OK , I took a look at this last night, and it was a bigger mess then I remembered. I had the TV on 1080p high Def (I was upconverting through my DVD recorder, and it looked better when I went back to regular 480 TV. That almost never happens. After about half and hour I said the heck with this and Burned a cpry of Where The Sidewalk Ends From my DVR to DVD.

Dawn said...

Paul, Sidewalk Ends, is an Awesome movie.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, Dana, Gene & Otto, don't get much better !