Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colorado Territory(1949)

Colorado Territory (1949). Cast: Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo and Dorothy Malone. A remake of the 1941 film noir High Sierra. Both films were directed by Raoul Walsh. The story was remade again in 1955 as I Died a Thousand Times with Jack Palance and Shelley Winters.

Outlaw Wes McQueen, escapes from jail and travels to Colorado Territory, where he is planning to meet , Dave Rickard, so they can plan a train robbery.. On the stage, he befriends Fred Winslow and his daughter Julie Ann, who headed for their new ranch. Outlaws kill both of the stage drivers, Wes brings the stage safely into town. Wes's next stop is a ghost town, where Duke Harris and Reno Blake are waiting for him . Wes is concerned about dance hall dancer, Colorado Carson, might cause trouble between the men. When she he warns him about the unreliability of Homer Wallace, he decides to let her stay. Later, he rides into town to visit the Winslows and learns that the land they bought is waterless. Wes's attraction to Julie Ann makes him want to settle down. Dave asks Wes to pull one last job before he quits. On his way back to the hideout, Wes stops again at the Winslows with a new dress for Julie Ann and money to help them to dig a well. Winslow, tries to let Wes down easy when he tells him that Julie Ann, is in love with Randolph. Back at Todos Santos, Wes learns that Colorado presence is causing trouble between the men and asks Colorado to move into his room. She tells him that she he is in love with him, he lets her know that his plans do not include her. Duke and Reno are captured by the sheriff's men. When Wes and Colorado arrive at Dave's with the money, they learn that he has died. Later, Wes finds Pluthner, trying to steal the money and kills him, unfortunately, Wes is also wounded in the fight. After sharing his and Colorado real identity with the Winslows, he asks for their help.. Winslow agrees to help, but Julie Ann, tries to turn him in for the reward. Wes quickly leaves with Colorado.

After Duke and Reno are hanged, they think it would be better if they separate. Wes rides toward Mexico, leaving Colorado at Todos Santos, where She learns the posse plan to surround Wes in the Canyon of the Dead. Will Colorado get there in time to save Wes?

I just recently saw Colorado Territory, for the first time. I think it maybe one of my favorite westerns . Joel McCrea is perfect for the character he plays. the scenery is beautiful. It looks like it was filmed in Canyon de Chelly, one of my favorite places...

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