Saturday, April 17, 2010

Son of Pale Face (1952).

Son of Paleface (1952), is a western comedy film and sequel to The Paleface (1948). Director: Frank Tashlin and written by Tashlin, Joseph Quillan and Robert L. Welch. It was thought to be better than the earlier movie. Cast: Bob Hope, Jane Russell, and Roy Rogers, who sings his song "A Four Legged Friend" to his horse Trigger. Russell plays a masked lady bandit who has been terrorising the town of Sawbuck Pass. Rogers is the undercover agent who is sent to catch her, while Hope travels to the west to collect his father's fortune.


Tom said...

Oh, I've never seen this one, but want to! Thanks for highlighting this one. That's a great song Roy sings.

By the way, here's a bit of trivia: Bob Hope was the #5 box office star the year this came out.

Dawn said...

Tom, Thank you for the triva!! I remember Roy Rogers, from when I as a little girl. I forgot how much I enjoyed his singing.

Paul 2 said...

Tom ,You have to see this . Bob and Trigger in Bed ?Well what can I say, and check out the last scene . How they get away with that one?