Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joel Mc Crea.

Joel McCrea, began his movie career by performing as an extra in a serial starring Ruth Roland. By 1920, McCrea was a movie stunt double, and by the time he attended USC, he was regularly performing at the Pasadena Playhouse. McCrea's big Hollywood break came with a part in the 1929 talkie Jazz Age. He became one of the most popular action stars of the 1930s, making lasting friendships director Cecil B. DeMille and Will Rogers. It was Rogers who taught McCrea to have a strong business sense, as well as a love of ranching. Concentrating on westerns after performing in The Virginian (1946), McCrea became one of Westerns biggest box-office attractions. He extended his western fame to an early-1950s radio series, Tales of the Texas Rangers, and a weekly 1959 TV oater, Wichita Town, in which McCrea costarred with his son Jody.

List of Joel Mc Crea Westerns:

Dead End (1937)
Wells Fargo (1937)
Union Pacific (1939)
Buffalo Bill (1944)
The Great Moment (1944)
The Unseen (1945)
The Virginian (1946)
Ramrod (1947)
Four Faces West (1948)
South of St. Louis (1949)
Colorado Territory (1949)
The Outriders (1950)
Stars in My Crown (1950)
Saddle Tramp (1950)
Cattle Drive (1951)
Rough Shoot (1953)
Lone Hand (1953)
Border River (1954)
Black Horse Canyon (1954)
Stranger on Horseback (1955)
Wichita (1955)
The First Texan (1956), featuring son Jody McCrea
The Oklahoman (1957)
Trooper Hook (1957)
The Tall Stranger (1957)
Cattle Empire (1958)
Fort Massacre (1958)
The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)
Ride the High Country (1962)
The Young Rounders (1966)
Sioux Nation (1970)
Cry Blood, Apache (1970), starring son Jody McCrea(pictured below).
Mustang Country (1976)


monty said...

Great post Dawn. I didn't realize Joel had did so many westerns. I need to check out some of these. I did want to see Colorado Territory the other day TCM had it on, but I missed it. Thanks for the wonderful post. Sorry I haven't wrote too much on here, but I will post something soon. Here's hoping we can start our chats like before too. I plan to write a review of Send Me No Flowers right now. See ya over on Doris Day.

Dawn said...

Monty, I also was suprised to see all the westerns that Joel, had performed in. How about sometime next week we set up a time for "chat"?

monty said...

that would be great. Like I said I am at lunch from 1130-1230 EST and then I'm usually home by 5 or 530 pm EST