Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Errol Flynn - The Warner Brothers Western Collection.

Errol Flynn, is probably best remembered as Robin Hood and his swashbuckling adventure films. Flynn also did a few western films. They mabybe be not as popular as some of his other pictures, but they are still entertaining movies. (I think they mabe my next DVD box set). Warner Brother has put together a nice group of films: Errol Flynn - The Warner Brothers Western Collection.

MONTANA (1950)
Flynn plays Morgan Lane, an Australian who has relocated to the United States during the hey day of the Wild West who is hoping to purchase some land so that he can raise sheep.

Also known as Rocky Mountain Trail, this film, set at the end of the Civil War, finds Flynn, in his last western role, playing Captain Lafe Barstow, a man who has been assigned with the job of securing the western part of the United States for General Robert E. Lee.

Flynn plays Clay Hardin, a cattle rancher trying to make a living who come up against a gang of cattle rustlers.

Flynn plays Kerry Bradford, an undercover Union officer who escapes from a Confederate jail and heads to Virginia City trying to prevent a train carrying a massive cargo of gold from getting to Dixie and funding the Confederate war movement.


monty said...

Cool post Dawn. Ever since Dodge City, I'm hankering to see more of Flynn's westerns.

Paul 2 said...

Monty, this box set has 'the B Westerns". Go for the first "signatute" box with Dodge City, and They Died with Their Boots On. Also has the Sea Hawk and Capt Blood, trust me on this.