Friday, April 2, 2010

Rawhide 3-3-1961

Rawhide (1959-1966), with Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood, Sheb Wooley, and Paul Brinegar. Rawhide was the fifth-longest-running television Western, beaten by nine years of The Virginian and Wagon Train, fourteen years of Bonanza, and twenty years of Gunsmoke.

Clint Eastwood got his role in "Rawhide" (1959) while visiting a friend at the CBS lot when a studio exec spotted him because he "looked like a cowboy.

Fleming co-wrote two episodes of "Rawhide" (1959) with Chris Miller: "A Woman's Place" and "Incident of a Night on the Town". He appeared in three episodes of "Bonanza" (1959) following his departure from "Rawhide".

Brinegar made over 100 appearances between 1946 and 1994, appearing in many western films, and played the barman in Clint Eastwood's High Plains Drifter in 1973. He was best known for his long-running role as the cook, "Wishbone," in Rawhide. In 1969, he performed in the Western Charro! starring Elvis Presley.

Rawhide was one of my favorite western TV shows in the 50s and 60s.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn, Do you remember Sheb Wooly's Monster hit single from the 50's?

Dawn said...

I think Sheb Wooly is the guy who sang, Purple People Eater. Was that written in the 50s?
I liked your clue.."Monster". :)

Paul 2 said...

Dawn ,It sure was and it was on MGM Records and reached #12 on the Billboard Top 100