Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patrick Wayne

One of four children born to John Wayne with first wife. He made nine movies with his father John Wayne: Rio Grande (1950); The Quiet Man (1952); The Searchers (1956); The Alamo (1960); The Comancheros (1961); Donovan's Reef (1963); McLintock! (1963); The Green Berets (1968); Big Jake (1971).

Patrick made his film debut at age 11 in his father's Rio Grande (1950). He performed in films directed by family friend director John Ford: The Quiet Man (1952), The Sun Shines Bright (1953), The Long Gray Line(1955), Mister Roberts (1955), and The Searchers (1956). He went out to star in his own film The Young Land (1959). Realizing he was not quite ready to play the lead character he supported his father in The Alamo (1960), Donovan's Reef (1963), McLintock! (also 1963). He also performed in a role in Ford's epic Cheyenne Autumn(1964), a role as James Stewart's son in Shenandoa (1965) and in An Eye for an Eye (1966). In 1966, at the age of twenty-seven, Wayne performed with Ron Hayes and Chill Wills in the 17-episode ABC comedy western series The Rounders, based on the 1965 Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda film of the same name.

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