Friday, March 12, 2010

Charlton Heston Is Will Penny

I must be getting old, I forgot to alert you to the fact that TCM is running the 1968 western Will Penny with Charlton Heston, and Joan Hackett. Tommorow at 11:00 am Pacific ,check local listings. It's the best western Heston has ever done and one of his favorite films. He plays a aging "saddle tramp" having to cope with a murderous preacher and a lonely woman during a long winter in Montana. And Thats All you will get from me.The DVR is all set


Dawn said...

Paul, Thank you for the reminder. I have seen this movie along time ago and looking forward to watching it again. I will look for more info and post it.

Dawn said...

After seeing Will Penny again, I thought it was an absolutely wonderful film. The scenery is beautiful. Charlton Heston is wonderful playing a tired, aging, cowboy, who had a lonely life. Joan Hackett was perfect to play the love interest. Donald Pleasence and Bruce Dern are very convincing as a very scary homicidal religious man and his psychopathic son.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, It's a little known (by most people) gem . And I will now have it on DVD. Glad you caught it.