Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jane Russell

Discovered by Howard Hughes working as a receptionist for his dentist. In 1940, Russell was signed to a seven-year contract by Howard Hughes and made her film debut in The Outlaw (1943), a story about Billy the Kid that went to great lengths to showcase her figure. Although the movie was completed in 1941, it was released for a limited showing two years later. There were problems with the censorship of the production code over the way her cleavage was displayed. When the movie was finally passed, it had a general release in 1946. During that time, she was kept busy doing publicity and became known nationally.

Jane Russell became advocate for kids during the 1950's. Jane began a mission which has resulted in the adoptive placement of nearly 38,000 children through her organization, WAIF.

List of Jane Russell's Westerns:

Waco (1966)
Johnny Reno (1966)
The Tall Men (1955)
Foxfire (1955)
Montana Belle (1952)
Son of Paleface (1952)
The Paleface (1948)
Calamity Jane
The Outlaw (1943)

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