Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Program Alert

OK Western Fans during the next few days we have a ton of classic westerns coming up

On Thursday March 18th TCM is running the following films Back to Back: John Ford's my Darling Clementine, Gunfight at The O.K. Corral, Hour Of The Gun, with James Garner, Masterson Of Kansas, and Dodge City. As al ways check local listings.
On Friday TCM is running Big Hand For The Little Lady, with Henry Fonda & Joanne Woodward. If you have never seen this film Nows the time. On March 24th TCM is running Nevada Smith with Steve Mcqueen & Karl Malden
On March 26th Fox Movie Channels is running The Man From Snowy River and John Waynes first staring role The Big Trail. while over at TCM The Nick Ray cult classic Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford (JOAN CRAWFORD)is running. Can't decide? maybe this will help.



Dawn said...

Paul, Thank you so much for helping me with the Western page.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, your welcome, this is fun!!

Paul 2 said...

Dawn , also COMMING SOON To TCM Are The Following: Jane Rusell in The Howard Hughes production of the Outlaw(Hot Stuff back in the 40's) John Ford's Stagecoach, The Magnificent Seven, The Shootist, Junior Bonner with Steve McQueen and Robert Preston. and Lee Marvin in Monte Walsh, Check local listings. the best month for westerns on TCM in a long time!

monty said...

I've been wanting to see Big Hand For The Little Lady like forever. I definitely will be watching it Friday night. Thanks for the heads up Dawn. And thanks Paul for the additional list of movies coming.

Dawn said...

Monty, Paul is the one who posted the program alert. But.. I also want to thank you for helping me with the Western Page.

Rick29 said...

I love this scene from SNOWY RIVER!