Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rio Bravo is my favorite western of all time....

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My favorite western of all time. A slam bang film which has John Wayne as Sheriff John T. Chance who has a murderer locked up in the jail and must withstand repeated attempts to free the bad guy. It's a whole posse of hired thugs and all Chance has is an old crippled deputy and another deputy Dude (played by Dean Martin) trying to stay sober. Chance eventually gets more help in the form of bad girl turned good (Angie Dickinson) and a young hotshot named Colorado (Ricky Nelson) who is quick with his mouth and his gun. This is how you make a great western. Terrific heroes, evil bad guys, rousing action, and frequent humor. All involved give solid performances especially Martin, Nelson, and Dickinson. Of course, The Duke is awesome as usual.

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Pat Wheeler: I told him you were one of the best.
Colorado Ryan: Well, I'll tell you what I'm a lot better at, Mr. Wheeler... that's minding my own business.

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Dawn said...

Monty, wonderful choice. I believe this movie is one of the great western classics.

Dawn said...

One of my favorite lines:
After Carlos has a quarrel with Consuela.

John T. Chance: You take chances, my friend.
Carlos Robante: Because I know woman. If she will be mad or she will be sorry - if it is 'mad', she will be much pleasure to make right; and if she is 'sorry', it will be the same pleasure. You... you do not have women, so you do not know, senor. But me... Carlos Robante... I know!

Paul 2 said...

Monty, lets not forget the "Bad Guys", John Russell(from Warner bros TV show Lawman) as boig brother Nathan Burdette, and Claude Akins as little brother Joe.
Monty it's in my top 5 Westerns