Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Searchers (1956) is epic film-making at it's best....

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Classic western with a powerful performance by John Wayne. Directed by ace John Ford, this film has Wayne as Ethan Edwards, a returning soldier who visits his brother and his family. While out one morning looking for signs of a Comanche marauding party, the family is slaughtered and the young girl Debbie (played by Natalie Wood) is abducted. So begins a quest by Wayne and family friend Martin, who is part Cherokee (played by Jeffrey Hunter) to find Debbie. As Ethan, Wayne hates Indians with a vengeance. He comes across as a vengeful man. But you will notice changes in him as the film progresses. It's one hell of a performance. I would have given him the Oscar for this role instead of the one for which he won in True Grit. The Searchers is a beautifully filmed movie with several exciting action scenes. Definitely on that list of great westerns ever made.

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Ethan: Well Reverend, looks like you've got yourself surrounded.
Reverend Clayton: Yeah and I figure on getting myself unsurrounded.


Dawn said...

Monty, A fun fact:
Lana Wood played young Debbie Edwards and Natalie Wood, who was Lana's older sister by eight years, played teenaged Debbie Edwards.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn & Monty,Patrick Wayne was also in this film. Far and Way my favorite John Ford Western, and my favorite Wayne/ Ford film. The Quiet Man Is a very close second. This performance Vs True Grit? No Contest.