Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969). Comedy/ western. Cast: James Garner, Joan Hackett and Jack Elam. Director: Burt Kennedy. Written William Bowers.

While burying an stranger in the small western town of Calendar Colorado, Prudy Perkins, the daughter of the towns mayor, spots gold in the open grave, leaps in and turns the funeral into a riot. Since the only road in or out of town is blocked by a ranch belonging to old Pa Danby, he demands 20 percent of every gold shipment that passes through. After three sheriffs have been killed off by the Danbys, an easy-going handsome stranger, Jason McCullough, rides through town on his way to Australia. Jason agrees to accept the job as sheriff to help pay his way. His first job as sheriff is breaking up a street brawl by hosing down the men, Jason makes Jake, the town drunk, his deputy and arrests Joe Danby for murder and throws him jail with no bars. When Pa Danby schemes fail to get Joe out of jail. Pa then calls all the Danbys in the territory to help get rid of the new Sheriff in town.. When they arrive, Jason tricks them into holding their fire until he has had time to tie Joe across the town's Civil War cannon. Will The Danbys drop their weapons?

I thought the the whole cast is perfect. Even though James Garner is funny he's still the straight man to to all the town's quirky characters.. Bruce Dern and Jack Elam are also hilarious. Harry Morgan is as funny as he's ever been. Walter Brennan is wonderful as the grumpy head of the bad guy's.

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Paul 2 said...

I LOVE THIS FILM. Jack Elam and Bruce just about steal this film, not easy with this cast. Gene Evans * Dick Peabody (Combat's Little John) are good as Joe's older brothers.I 've seen this film more times then I can remember. Excuse me I have to go put Joe back in jail. And I think there is a town council meeting at Madam Orr's House.